About Metro Atlanta Scotch Club

We’re glad that you’re interested in single malt whisky and welcome aboard MASC!  With no initiation fee nor dues our wee Club, if nothing else, is affordable.   We actively seek enthusiastic new members who want to learn about whisky and share knowledge with fellow whisky lovers.”  As the journey is a neverending one, let’s travel that road together and have fun in the process.

Upon your sign-up to our mailing list,  we’ll provide information about our events as they are announced.  We typically have an ‘official’ scotch tasting event every month, but there was frequently special events that avail themselves (typically about 2 events week during the cooler months and 1 event a week during the warmer months).  I also notify the members as to any major Scotch Industry events.



What’s the big deal?  Tastings are important for several reasons:  (the benefits/what’s in it for you)

  •  Informed Purchases:  It allows you to taste 5 or 6 whiskies  so you can then make an informed purchasing decision.
  • Affordable:  It’s a steal at $40 (including hors d’ oeuvres or cigars).  Where else can you taste 3-oz. or more of good whisky for $40?
  • Try Rare Whisky:  At least 50% of what we taste is unavailable at the leading Atlanta package stores.  There are 104 active malt distilleries in Scotland, but only about 40 of them export a single malt to the US.  Where can you taste some of the single malt from the 60-some ‘missing’ distilleries?  MASC. What about World Whisky?  MASC.
  • Tasting Method:  At our tastings, many of our members experiment with the whisky by tasting it (1) ‘neat’, (2) after ‘3 drops of water’ and finally (3) ‘with water’.
  • Enjoyment/Fun:  Whisky enjoyment is exponentially increased when shared among of like-minded friends and, for that reason alone, our tastings are a lot of fun.


My questions to a lot of Atlanteans is:  “Why not both?”  Although most of us have a preference for Bourbon or Scotch (Single Malt), why not develop an appreciate for all whisky?  The bottom line is that good whisk(e)y is good, and MASC tries it ALL.


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